Metaverse Alliance Open Conference

Booth Stamp Tour
스타벅스커피 스타벅스커피 스타벅스커피
  • Event Period

    October 26th, 2021 – October 28th, 2021 (3 Days)

  • Event Contents

    Participate in the Booth Stamp Tour event and upload to your SNS account for a chance to win a prize!

  • Prize Winners

    Winners to be chosen at random on November 5th and will be notified by SMS
    * In accordance with Korean tax laws, you will be required to pay 22% taxes and the public utilities' charge for any prizes valued above \50,000KRW
    * Prizes may be canceled if you do not submit requested delivery information within 7 days of being notified
    * Private accounts may be exempt from prize drawings

  • How to participate

    1. Look around the booths in the “Solution·Device Zone” and “Contents Service Zone” in the Metaverse Alliance Open Conference Online Exhibition
    2. Open “My Stamp Book” within the Online Exhibition Platform and capture the completed “My Stamp Book” image.
    3. Upload the captured image to your personal SNS account using the following hashtags and making sure to also tag @metaverse_aoc.official
    #Metaverse #MetaverseAlliance #MetaverseAllianceOpenConference
    4. Comment on the event post on the Metaverse Alliance Open Conference Instagram page